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SEA Leggs Team Building Activities Melbourne and Sydney offering innovative and unique Corporate Team Building activities in Melbourne and Sydney - Corporate Team Building Sailing and Team Building Cooking Classes Melbourne from 5 to over 500, Corporate Team Building Treasure Hunt, Dancing Team Building Melbourne , Classroom Team Building Programs, Team Building Leadership Development, Corporate sailing and Hospitality Packages, Corporate Yacht Charter Melbourne and Sydney Harbour, Fun Team Rewards Melbourne and Corporate Team Building Incentives Melbourne.

Corporate Rewards and  Conference Incentives

Why use corporate rewards and incentives for Team Building? - Commonly asked questions and answers

team bulding sailing sydney harbour

Corporate Rewards Incentives and Team Building

Activities Melbourne and Sydney is a division of

Dockland Sailing School and SEA LEGGS Team

Building and Corporate Sailing.

Corporate Rewards and Team Building Activities

Melbourne and Sydney's, core focus is that of building

High Performance Teams and accelerating

the development of leadership competencies

Adopting a consultative approach we work closely with

our clients. Making sure we achieve the goals and objectives of the event. Our Team comprises highly qualified professionals, trained in psychology, leadership coaching, workplace training and assessment.

A Final Word: Everyone Wins with Successful Teams

"Team building is a big commitment, but it also has some very big rewards. If you want to increase:

  • Productivity and customer satisfaction
  • Differentiate your company in the marketplace
  • Create a true competitive advantage that will grow sales
  • Build customer relationships,

You have to invest in people. And what better way to invest in people than building successful work teams. "I would recommend Sea Leggs to any organisation looking for a real “team-building” activity".

Team Building Activities - Melbourne and Sydney

                                                                                     Team Building Sailing Melbourne Victoria


How long does your team need?

What size Yacht for your Team?

Team Sailing Activies and Prices

Notes - What our Corporate Sailing Session Covers

The nature of sailing makes it ideal for team building. All the people on the boat have to co-operate to sail the boat, every team member has a role and with our experienced instructors we can ensure that no one person 'dominates'.

Corporate sailing activities, either with one boat or more, involve participants engaged in challenges that parallel real work environments and ones that facilitate respect, co-operation, communication and teamwork.


Team Building Cooking Classes Mleourne

Feedback: A big 'Thank You'

Participants learn to work together to produce exotic and unfamiliar gourmet meals, using techniques and ingredients entirely new to most. No prior experience necessary. For those with little or no cooking experience this can be daunting. For those who think they know how to cook, even more so!

It’s not about how much you know it’s about producing a Team result. The old adage, “If you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen” has no place in Team building.


The Pirate Treasure Hunt Melbourne - perfect for corporate team building, motivation,reward, incentive, just for fun, an interlude during a busy time, for a Christmas / leaving party, a prelude or interlude to a meeting / conference

This activity can be a stand alone activity or it can encompass part of Team Sailing.The Team could start the program with a sail and all of its experiences, get into the pirate mood by donning 'Pirate attire', coming along side our 'Treasure Ship' and boarding her with all the bravado of a traditional Pirate raid.


Team Building Sailing - All together on the one old fashioned Tall Sailing Ship

Shiver me timbers! On your arrival, you'll be greeted by pirate music and our pirate hosts, guests will be provided with a pirate hat, eye patch and a cutlass, souvenir photographs will be taken and they will be served a welcome pirate punch!

Helping People Work More Effectively in Teams

Organisations are relying more and more on teams to innovate, problem solve, produce and compete. Understanding and capitalizing on individual approaches to group process is the bottom line creating high performance teams.

Successful Team members don’t do the same thing at the same time; they do the right thing at the right time and while successful team member’s work together towards a common goal. Individuals must play their separate parts in the process. Program Description

Corporate Incentive programs are used to reward employees and /or customers. Corporate incentives are designed to motivate and recognize participants for meeting exceptional levels of performance in support of your company's goals.

There isn't an industry or a particular company that could not benefit from the use of corporate incentive reward

Employees are the greatest asset of every organization and employee motivation and recognition is crucial for well-being and growth of every company.

Corporate incentive rewards and employee recognition motive employees to go beyond the call of duty. Corporate incentives help companies achieve desired objectives and strengthen relationships.

The objectives developed and corporate incentive awards offered in a carefully conceived performance improvement program help transfer corporate objectives into internal, personal goals for each participant.

Corporate incentives can include small gifts to exhilarating outdoor activities like sailing on Melbourne Port Phillip Bay and Sydney Harbour. Docklands Corporate offers a range of corporate incentives and rewards to suit the aims and outcomes of most companies.

The needs and skills of each corporate group are different. SEA LEGGS Team Building and Corporate Sailing can design a program for Corporate Groups to suit any of your requirements.

Corporate Team Building Dance Program


Our corporate dance programs aim to develop work teams by enhancing communication, relationships, self-esteem and social awareness. Corporate members will strengthen key skills as they listen, learn, persevere, perform and encourage in a relaxed fun-filled environment.

Partnership dancing is one of the most effective methods to build trust in the work community and develop a greater team spirit. Obviously this kind of improvement will translate to greater productivity, increased profits and a work environment that is looked forward to.  

Aims and Objectives

The programs are completely flexible. The similarities of the work environment can be built into certain dance activities tailoring a program to your goals and objectives. E.g. A sales type environment may involve some competition dancing between staff members towards the end of the program.

Corporate team members will learn to confidently perform 6 of the most popular social dances.

During this process you staff will learn to trust their manager, supervisor or coach and team leaders will learn to operate on the same level as regular employees, resulting in improved communication and relationships amongst all staff members.

Broad Objectives:

  • Enhance team trust
  • Perseverance
  • Resolve team conflict
  • Problem solving skills
  • Communication
  • Building of team confidence and esteem
  • Build Friendships
  • Fitness
  • Social Awareness
  • Fun

Sample Programs

Half Day

  • 1.00 pm-1.10 pm: Welcome and explanation of aims and objectives
  • 1.10 pm-1.20 pm: Gentle warm-up
  • 1.20 pm-1.40 pm: Introduction of dance steps
  • 1.40 pm-1.45 pm: Five minute drink break.
  • 1.45 pm-3.05 pm: Dance Exercise: Leading and Following, balance, communication, body language and focus.
  • 3.05 pm-4.50 pm: Team Building : Swapping of partners, dance challenge.
  • 4.50 pm-5.00 pm: Application to business.

Consecutive Program

The program operates for 6 Consecutive weeks with classes running for 1.5 hours in duration. Classes occur on a week day that suits the organization most from 2:15pm-3:45pm.      

  • 2.15pm-2.25pm: Welcome and explanation of aims and objectives
  • 2.25pm-2.35pm: Gentle warm-up
  • 2.35pm-2.55pm: Introduction of dance steps
  • 2.55pm-3.00pm: Five minute drink break.
  • 3.00pm-3.20pm: Dance Exercise: Leading and Following, balance, communication, body language and focus.
  • 3.20pm-3.35pm: Team Building : Swapping of partners, dance challenge.
  • 3.35pm-3.45pm: Application to business.


When considering the level of instruction, attention to detail and overall benefits of the program, our corporate dance packages are very competitive across the entire market.

The number of instructors depends on the number of corporate members participating.   

  • 1 Professional Instructor   (from 0-8 people)
  • 2 Professional Instructors (from 9-25 people)
  • 3 Professional instructors (from 25+ people)

SEA Leggs Corporate Team Building Melbourne. Offering innovative and unique Team Building activities such as Corporate Cooking Classes from 5 to over 500, Corporate Team Building Sailing melbourne and Sydney, Melbourne Docklands Treasure Hunt, Team Building Dancing Programs, Corporate Event Management Melbourne and Sydney, Yacht Charters, Corporate Sailing Regattas Melbourne and Sydney and Fun Group activities

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Please contact us to discuss customising a program for your workplace:

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In the field of teaching, he has both outdoors hands-on and classroom teaching skills.

Tony originally qualified in Outdoor education with the Victorian Education Department.

He is a certificated instructor in windsurfing, skiing and sailing, has taught hospitality and professional cookery at East Gippsland College of TAFE, was a catering and training manager in the wilds of New Guinea and taught professional cooking and Event Management at William Angliss Institute of TAFE in Melbourne


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