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Pirates Theme Party - Treasurer Hunt

Ahoy Mateys!

Shiver me timbers! On your arrival, you'll be greeted by pirate music and our pirate hosts, guests will be provided with a pirate hat, eye patch and a cutlass, souvenir photographs will be taken and they will be served a welcome pirate punch!

Then, with our Caribbean steel drum band, you'll move to the Infectious island grooves at ' Turtle Lagoon' (aka Victoria Harbor ), enjoy hors d'oeuvres and tropical inspired beverages

Followed by Team Building Activities and Presentation, the guests will be invited to relax and enjoy the rest of the evening until we bid you a pirate's farewell!


  • Steel Band - Caribbean Grooves
  • Pirate Music - Sound track Form 'Pirates of the Caribbean ' / Pirates of Penzance Musical

Pirate Boarding Party / Fight:

  • Smoke machine
  • Cannon and musket sound effects


  • Guests actually Board yacht with lots of 'Ahh's and 'Shiver me timbers'
  • Parrots on the shoulder
  • Pirate flags
  • Eye patches

On Yacht atmosphere :

  • Screen hung from the Yacht's mast and draped with sails
  • Pirates DVD playing on screen
  • Pirate / Caribbean themed Menu and Beverages
  • Caribbean Steel Band
  • Pirate's Flag - The Jolly Roger

Guest Participation and Team building activities:

  • Sing along - pirate ditties everyone provided with sing along sheets
  • Pirate history sheet and Pirate questionnaire
  • Walk the Plank - Blindfold your guests and have them led across a long plank (it doesn't have to be in the air, just laying flat along the deck, just create the impression - A great team building activity helping to bond guests and create trust).
  • Give out prizes for the players who can walk the plank without falling off.
  • Play Capture the Flag - Play this game using pirate flags,
  • Give water guns to all players so that they can 'attack' the opposing players as they try to take the flags. Play team against team'

Melbourne Treasure Hunt

  • Organize a Treasure Hunt - Give all guests / teams a series of clues that will lead to a supply of treasure maps. Make the treasure maps lead to the buried treasure which could be anything your budget allows, including gold - foil chocolate coins, mini bottles of rum, theatre tickets, etc.

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