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Bluebird Yacht Association of Victoria

Introducing the Bluebird Yacht

The Bluebird Yacht is a compact keelboat: 22ft long with four berths.

Known for their robust construction and affordable price tag, the Bluebird makes for an ideal first yacht while still holding enormous attraction for anyone, including seasoned yachties, who enjoy the thrill of competitive class racing or simply a safe cruise.

The Bluebird Yacht has been responsible for teaching many sailors about sailing techniques and tactics. In fact, under experienced hands, the class can give larger keel boats with more modern designs a run for their money. It is also an economical alternative to getting into sailing - it doesn't have to cost you the earth to own and sail a keel boat.


The Bluebird Yacht is a very competitive yacht while still being super-safe and great to learn on because of its its very forgiving design and handling capabilities. In fact the comment is often made, " it is just like sailing on a dinghy, but much more comfortable with a keel and a cabin".

"The Bluebird Yacht is a great boat and we get a lot out of it for minimum outlay". Read what else

Tim Blunt (Gaylene) says about owning a Bluebird.

"After looking at a few other yachts, we were fortunate to find a beautifully maintained and inexpensive Bluebird yachtthat we bought immediately" says John Vermeulen, part owner of Bluebird Warranilla.


History - Bluebird Yacht

The Bluebird Yacht was designed in 1947 by Kenneth Watts, with the first one being launched in December 1948. Although there have been changes down the years to the basic design, such as a bigger kite flown the from masthead and later, hulls made of GRP, the basic shape with the hard chine remains the same.

The Bluebird Yacht is a very good entry level sail boat. It is not hard to handle two-up, and Bluebirds Yachts are still the choice of some seasoned veterans. When using a spinnaker it is preferable to have at least three people on board, but it is possible to fly the kite with just the skipper and one crew.

Further information:

Site Address: c/o Hobson's Bay Yacht Club
268 Nelson Place


Postal Address:

c/o PO BOX 5050



Phone 9398 2177 or 0429 982 177
Class Type Bluebird
Class information

Bluebirds are a good "entry level" keel boat for both novices and experienced sailors who want to enjoy safe sailing, either racing or bay cruising. They are 22 feet long, four berth and with a three quarter rig.


Other information

The Bluebird Yacht Association of Victoria currently has around 20 active yachts. Racing is conducted under the auspices of Hobson's Bay Yacht Club and includes a nine-heat winter series and a five-heat summer series. Cruise days on Port Phillip Bay are also on the Association's annual calendar. The Assocaition holds a number of social activities during the year including guest speakers.


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Louise Avery Class Treasurer
Ivan Knight Class President
Ian Lewis Class Secretary




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